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Stirks Butchers

4x Lean Steak Burgers

4x Lean Steak Burgers

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Indulge in the juiciest 4x Lean Steak Burgers at Stirks Butcher's. Our handcrafted burgers are made from premium quality lean beef, sourced locally for unbeatable freshness. These flavourful patties are perfect for family gatherings, barbecues, and any occasion that calls for a mouthwatering meal.

At Stirks Butcher's, we take pride in offering lean alternatives without compromising on taste. 

Grill our 4x Lean Steak Burgers to perfection and enjoy the sizzle of their juicy patties. Whether you prefer classic toppings or crave unique flavours, our versatile burgers cater to every palate. It's time to elevate your burger experience.

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