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Stirks Butchers

4 x 400g Extra Lean Mince

4 x 400g Extra Lean Mince

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Introducing Stirks Butcher's 400g Extra Lean Mince - Premium Quality Lean Beef Mince

Looking for top-quality lean beef mince? Look no further than Stirks Butcher's 400g Extra Lean Mince. 

With its extra lean composition, Stirks Butcher's 400g Extra Lean Mince offers a healthier alternative without compromising on taste. Made from hand-selected, tender beef cuts, this succulent mince is free from excess fat, making it ideal for health-conscious individuals and those striving for a balanced diet.

The finely ground texture of our Extra Lean Mince ensures seamless integration into your favorite recipes. Whether you're whipping up a mouthwatering Bolognese sauce, a sizzling chili con carne, or flavourful meatballs, this mince serves as the perfect foundation for your culinary creations.


Packaged in a convenient 400g size, Stirks Butcher's Extra Lean Mince suits both small family meals and larger gatherings. Its airtight, leak-proof packaging ensures maximum freshness and easy storage in your refrigerator or freezer.

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